Sweet Boudoir Photography wants her customers to have an unforgettable experience during their Boudoir Photo session. That is why I have tree different options to book a Boudoir Photo session.

Booking the Castle Studio for a session

A) My beautiful studio is situated in a Monumental Castle in Oegsteest; The Netherlands. Because of this beautiful ambiance, the Castle is more than suitable for a styles of Boudoir Photography. At the first landing my studio is decorated with a beautiful Barok bed and an nice Chesterfield chaise longue in a space with high ceiling and plenty of daylight. Also the corridors and other rooms in the Castle are usable for beautiful images.

Boudoir studio AmsterdamBooking a Hotelroom for a session

B) A session in a Hotel room in the neighbourhood of Oegstgeest or any other place in the Netherlands is an option too! Though this will add extra costs to your session, like traveling fee when i need to travel to your place and the renting-price of the hotelroom you choose. A nicely decorated Hotelroom will give us lot of options and possibilities and it is private too! If you want to book a room, let me know of forehand, so we can discuss the options and the decoration of the room.

Boudoir reportage in hotelkamer

A session at your own place

C) Also your own home can be a beautiful location for a beautiful Boudoir session. Your Bedroom and even your Livingroom are suitable for this. It asks creativity and insight of me, but I LOVE to do home sessions as I love challenges! Daylight needs to be available… that is a pre! But as you can see in the images below.. a little window and a staircase are enough to make breathtaking images….
The advantage of having a session in your own home is that you most probably will feel much more and much sooner comfortable there as it is your own and known area… You will never look to same at your Livingroom after having done a Boudoir Session there 😉

Boudoir reportage in je eigen huis