This is the official Announcement for the mini Boudoir Marathon

Dear ladies,

In the past 4 years all of you came to me for a Photosession from which I still hope you look back at with love and joy and still treasure the memories I captured for you. In these same past 4 years allot happened to me as well. Some might now as they follow me personally or like my business page, but some also might not know what has happened and how much influence this period has had on me.

Having a baby, in my case a beautiful daughter, is a wonderful think that has happened to me, but when you get the diagnose “severe Hart failure” when the little one is only 9 months old, my heart broke. Doctors didn’t know what to do and what my life expectations were…. A slap in my face. After 3 weeks being hospitalized; getting and ICD (pacemaker) and an unsecure future coming home is weird and not good for your confidence and self-esteem. One and a half year revalidation; a close friend walking back into my life on the right moment and handing me a mirror to review myself later I finally could scream I was back; and that I believed in myself and loved myself again…. Bit by bit… At that moment I felt like I had a new start; a new beginning; a NEW ME!!

I celebrated that by having a Boudoir Session done… and I loved it!! I was scared; true; but it also gave me a very good boost in loving myself and my self-esteem. Sins that moment I jumped deeper into Boudoir Photography and in January this year I opened my own Boudoir Studio in Leiden.

To give you ladies the sale great experience; to show you that you are beautiful on the inside and on the outside (NO! don’t say you look fat; you need to lose weight or you don’t feel confident enough; I will proof you wrong! I SECURE you I will take beautiful images of you) I would love to invite you to a miniboudoir Marathon I am running in October in my studio in Leiden.

Did you love the minisession and want to book a complete Boudoir session with Make-Up artiest and changing clothing; that is possible for a ajusted price!

Please let me know if you are interested.

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On Saturday the 22nd of October and when there is great interest on the 29th of October as well, I will be running a MINIBOUDOIR marathon in my studio in Leiden. During this Marathon everybody can get to know Boudoir Photography in an easy and low threshold way. You can come individually as a lady; with a lady friend or with your partner as a couple.

For 95 euro you get a short shoot of about 45 minutes* and a fine art print (13×18 cm) framed in a passe partout as a present.

  • During this marathon it is not possible to change wardrobe and there is no MUA present. During normal shoot this is the case.

Secure now a spot for Saturday the 22nd of October:

* 9:00-10:00

* 10:30-11:30

* 12:00-13:00

* 13:30-14:30

* 15:00-16:00

* 16:30-17:30

* 19:00-20:00

* 20:30-21:30


Hopefully i will see you soon

With warm regards,

Margriet Hulsker