Zwangerschapsreportage in Boudoir styleZwangerschapsreportage in Boudoir styleZwangerschapsreportage in Boudoir styleZwangerschapsreportage in Boudoir styleZwangerschapsreportage in Boudoir styleZwangerschapsreportage in Boudoir style

Pretty You Maternity session in Boudoir style

Even when you are pregnant you can think about a Boudoir styled session… Yes Really!! Multiple ladies already had their beautiful Maternity session with their belly featuring in a boudoir styled setting.

A pregnancy is something very special, but is often hidden below a sweater or a bellyband in daily life. Although some people might see the natural ‘glow’ pregnant woman often have. Because of this glow you shine like never before and this will give you a massive positive boost… Why not let this glow being captured as a lifetime memory?

It is so nice to get pictures of your belly without hiding it behind wide clothing. of course you can lift or open your shirt or blouse during the session, but you can also go a step further in your maternity session and get your pictures taken in nice lace lingerie or a nice lace blouse or shirt…. or even nude if you dare to do that in the end…

For ladies who like this Boudoir styled Maternity picture idea I developed the “Pretty You” Maternity sessions. As the name of this style already says; The beautiful pregnant lady will be photographed in a impressive private environment; in their lingerie, in my studio in Oegstgeest

How it goes

After a first talk by the phone or email I ask you to make a Pinterest board so I can see the style you are comfortable with. Before we start the session we will discuss this board and pick some of the images we want to recreate after my Make up artist provided you with make-up and hair.

We first start with easy poses in a dress or comfortable clothing before we go a step further. That way you will get used to being in front of the camera and you will get used to me too. After you feel oke enough we switch to a lingerie set or a more revealing dress or nightgown..


Of course multiple (sexy) lingerie sets like nice lace sets; thong and matching bra (if that still fits….), bodies or teddies, stockings and nightgown in different colours.

Shoes/ pumps with high heals are a pre šŸ˜‰

accessories like pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings and silk sjaals are lovely too.

And than?

After the session I put all the images on my computer and select the images I love most and will edit these for you. After a second selection round a minimum of 25 images will remain for your In Person Sale session about 2-3 weeks after the shoot.

During this sale you will view all the images by a slideshow while you select the once you love most. We will talk about the way you want to receive the images, as I have many optionsĀ like album, storage box, wall panels, fine art prints and framed images. After the sale I will make an invoice and email that to you for your ok before I order the products.

Have a look at this pinterest board as inspiration. (not my images)