Boudoir reportageBoudoir reportageBoudoir reportageBoudoir reportageBoudoir reportage

Had a hard time in life? Has a relationship been ended after many years and you feel down and left alone? Did you lose many (Maternity) kilo’s and are you proud off yourself for it? There are many reasons why you would treat yourself with a beautiful Boudoir photo session. A photo session in the studio of Sweet Boudoir is a treat for yourself; you will end up with an ego boost; a big smile and fabulous images of yourself afterwards.

How it works

After a first meeting by phone or email I ask you to prepare a Pinterst board in order to give me an idea about the images you like and the style you want me to capture for you. Before the shoot we discuss your board once more before we start our day of shooting. First you will take place in the seat of my MUA while she does your hair and make-up. After about an hour we go into the studio and select the clothing we will be using during the shoot. First we will start with some easy and dressed poses to get the nerves calmed and let you feet at ease. After that we will continue with lingerie and more sensual poses.


Multiple (sensual) lingerie sets; like lace undies and bra’s; body, jarretels; nits and nightgowns in different colours; though black and white are a must.
Shoes with high heals and/ or peep toes.
pearl neckless; braces; earrings etc.

And than?

After the session I upload the image to my computer and select a large amount of the images to edit. After a second selection round at least 25 images will be fully edited and will be shown to you during your personal sale within 2-3 weeks after te session. During this sale you can select the images you love most and you can deside what you want to do with these images. Do you prefer a nice album of the images or do you prefer a storage box with framed fine art images? Everything is possible and will be discussed in detail. After the sale I prepare an invoice of the chosen options en email that to you. If you give me your OK I will order the products and make sure you get a nice package on your doorstep.

Have a look at dit pinterest board as inspiration (NOT MY IMAGES)