When is the best time to book a Boudoir Photo session?

When is the best time to book a Boudoir photo session? A question I get often as owner of a Boudoir Studio. My answer? “To be honest.. Never and always!” When you want to do a Boudoir Photo Session is completely up to you. Are you looking for an ego boost after a crappy period in your life? Are you proud off yourself because you lost the extra (Maternity) weight? Do you want to give your partner an unique Christmas or Wedding gift? Or do you just want beautiful images of yourself? There are many many reasons for you to book an incredible Boudoir Photo session.

As a Present for YOURSELF

Had a hard period in life? Has a relationship been ended after many years and you feel down and left alone? Did you lose many (Maternity) kilo’s and are you proud off yourself for it? There are many reasons why you would treat yourself with a beautiful Boudoir photo session. A photo session in the studio of Sweet Boudoir is a treat for yourself; you will end up with an ego boost; a big smile and fabulous images of yourself afterwards.

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Maternity session-151

Pretty You Maternity session

A Maternity is such a special moment in your life! A tiny little baby is growing inside your belly… A new life is starting soon.. Treasure that special moment and feeling by document it.

Sweet Boudoir gives the opportunity to get you Maternity documented in a pure and natural, but slightly sensual way by pouring your session into a Boudoir styled Maternity session.

Think about nice (lace) lingerie, which accents the rounded belly; a nice nightgown, a (lace) top or a nice Maternity dress. But also completely nude is a beautiful option to get your pregnancy documented.

Show how beautiful and meaningful your Pregnancy is for you by these memorable images. The belly disappears again, but the images will stay and will become a vivid memory to this special period.

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bridal boudoir fotoreportage in een kasteel

Wedding gift for you soon to be husband- Bridal Boudoir

A very special gift for your soon to be husband is a beautiful and sensual image of yourself in your bridal lingerie. You make a lot of effort to look beautiful; to shine and be the prettiest Woman in the world on the biggest day of your life. Most probably you buy an magnificent dress and matching lingerie. But why hide that under your dress?? In only your lingerie you are allowed to shine as well! Only you know during your wedding how beautiful the bridal lingerie looks on you ;-)… and during the night your husband will find out too……..

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Partner or Couple Boudoir


What is more sexier than making sensual, teasing and a little bit of erotic images of yourself and your partner together? Do you dare as a couple to show a sensual side of yourself? Teasing, playful, sexy, but always neat and tasteful….

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Male Boudoir- Dudoir


Besides Ladies, Men are also more than welcome in my studio for a boudoir shoot.

Is that possible? A man?? Boudoir?? Yes!!
Men can also get nice images of themselves; even if they don’t have a gym body…. Though I don’t mind a gym body of course 😉

Surprise your girlfriend with beautiful and teasing images of yourself; for sure she will definitely look with different eye at you!

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